About Us

A little about us

The commercial activity began in 1990  on an individual basis, due to the need to satisfy the quality of many clients, mainly in the South of the Algarve and Alentejo. Between 1991 and 1998 some works were also executed in Spain including the Expo in Seville and Lisbon.

In 2000 the company ECOSSISTEMASOL – Construção e Manutenção de Espaços Verdes, Lda. was born. With its growth and always trying to respond to the market, the associated companies were created: in 2002, the centennial trees company OLIVEIRAS DE PORTUGAL, and in 2007, ECOVIVEIROS – Produção, Importação, Exportação de Árvores e Plantas Ornamentais, Lda.

The satisfaction and the requirements of our main clients, some of which of with very high standards, forced us to have a sustainable growth, both in the demand for services that were provided, and in sectors where there were several market gaps in services, such as: Automatic irrigation system; outdoor lighting; maintenance of the irrigation network; construction of stone walls; sidewalks; drainage and larger works, such as:

  • Pine Cliffs Resort (Sheraton);
  • Lakeside (Quinta do Lago);
  • Martinhal (Sagres);
  • Carvoeiro Golfe;
  • Carvoeiro Clube;
  • Quinta do Paraíso;
  • Oceânico (formerly Vilamoura Club House Vitoria Golfe);
  • Bemposta SA (Several private and public works)
  • Quinta do Lago and Marinha;
  • Vilamoura;
  • Fábrica do Inglês in Silves;
  • Retails Parks;
  • Shopping centers (Aqua Portimão, Apolónia Lagoa, Grand Plaza Tavira, Aldi, Faro, etc…);
  • Marina de Lagos;
  • Several hotels;

…among others, private clients that have been growing in the national territory from Quinta do Peru, Óbidos, or from Lisbon, to Valença, through the coast and interior of Portugal. Internationalization takes place by assisting our clients in international projects.

The Public Works market has always been important in our area, although separated from the private market by differences in objectives and qualities. It took part of our turnover, and we carried out reference works such as:

  • Teatro das Figura – Faro;
  • Exhibition Park -Portimão;
  • Marginal of Portimão and Quarteira;
  • Polis of Albufeira;
  • Polis Parque Ribeirinho de Silves;
  • Basic Schools;
  • Communication routes; Hospitals, Administrative buildings among others, etc…

With the real estate crisis and the decrease in private investment in our country Public works are becoming more relevant forcing us to change our Construction Permit with the External Arrangements subcategories, and having objectives more focused on the Public Market due to global difficulties.

Showing an international competence recognized by several international awards, the wide range of clients becomes solid in the relationship and total satisfaction proven by the type of client portfolio that guarantees our internationalization in several continents, with works of a larger dimension than in our country, using our own resources and consortia with other companies, showing the ability to make Green Spaces in any corner of the world.

In addition to creating Ecosystems, we are an Ecosystem, a whole as a family in our open and multidisciplinary work environment with the capacity to develop and maintain the desires of our Clients that we thank for the trust placed in us over all these years.