Construction and Optimization

Technical Follow-up

ECOSSISTEMAS has a personalized service and follow-up in all its works as its main policy. Technical follow-up is fundamental for the success of any type of work, from the project design phase, during the execution of the works until their completion and maintenance.



Modeling and Drainage

Modeling of the land and consequently drainage is the main component of any garden. The integration with the surrounding land is essential and there is always the possibility of adjusting with different landscaping techniques to the most remote ideas, from support walls, natural engineering, plantations, etc…


Water is the element to be taken into account in any garden, from its use for watering to its use for lakes, fountains, ponds, biological pools, etc…

Water elements increase and enhance the aesthetic value of any garden and house, and have the functionality of regulating the environment temperature, embellishing the space and creating spaces for spiritual retreats through its waterfalls and sound effects.

These spaces when combined with vegetation generate a symbiosis of feelings and are the most sought after environments in the hottest days.


Irrigation Systems (Pumping)

An automatic irrigation system through a programmer is paramount for the sustainability of the garden and for its cost reduction. It is possible through various systems and techniques where it is possible to adapt the periods and their irrigation duration according to the type of vegetation and the seasons of the year, effectively reducing the waste of water.

ECOSSISTEMAS is a company specialized in this type of service, tailored to the clients’ intentions, optimizing the consumption and use of water.

Temperature Control Systems

A temperature control system has become increasingly demanding due to the weather conditions in the Algarve.

It is possible to control the temperature through micro sprinklers, or also known as nebulizers. They can be used for different functions, from restaurant terraces, to pergolas, in living areas, common spaces or even for aesthetic and ornamental effects in gardens, such as the creation of fog that can be conjugated with light effects.



The execution of walls, besides the functional effect that is modeling to hold the lands, has been increasingly used as ornamental effect.

They can be made only to hold lands through slabs with a perfect and linear finish, or to create planters and flowerbeds.

There are several types of walls, from stone blocks, through typical masonry with different coatings, to the use of gabions or rock garden.



Tranquility and privacy is a fundamental parameter that is often recurring to the use of fences. These can be partial or total, and can be made through different materials, from common plate, through wood or corten steel, to net fences.



The use of wood has been a recurring trend in gardens. It is used as a composer element and aesthetically valued, but its durability and maintenance always requires greater care depending on the cases.

Wood is widely used in flooring, planter delimiters, pergolas, decks or fences.

Urban Furniture

Urban furniture consists of different elements for the composition of gardens, parks or public spaces. They can be designed and customized according to

their use or function and range from benches and garden tables, through lighting, planters, water fountains, drinking fountains to sports equipment.



The backbone of any park, garden or house, are its accesses and routes. The paths may be permeable or impermeable and that is defined by the choice of its type of material.

Pavements can range from the functional paths in compacted stone powder, through historic sidewalk, or the elaborate paths. Currently an increasingly recurring trend is the use of Stepping stones with slabs or other stones, contrasting with grass or other inerts such as gravel, pine barks, pebbles, etc…


A lawn in your garden can range from simple sowing to an application of a natural grass rug ensuring an immediate green impact. As an alternative, and increasingly recurrent today, Ecossistemas specializes in the application of artificial grass rug making it almost impossible to distinguish to the naked eye by its users, thereby reducing maintenance and watering costs.

Another alternative is the application of hydrosowing with a mixture of hand-picked seeds for its jet application in places of difficult reach, large slopes or other type of coating.



The importance of lighting in green spaces can not be ignored because they are also lived at night, in which it is possible to guarantee lighting and give even greater impact to the garden and its elements. The combination of vegetation and a lighting plan is fundamental to the success of your garden.
It’s the details that make the difference!!!



Creating different environments in your garden with a customizable sound system. Let us take music to your ears in the desired locations, from a pergola to an outdoor gym or even along the path of your garden with the creation of Zen areas.

Columns can be integrated into your garden or landscape through different shapes and formats or objects.


Fire is an element that complements gardens, from avenues with braziers, fireplaces in Lounge areas or as decorative element.


Works of art

Works of art are elements with a high sentimental value, that is, they consist of one or several details that mark the difference.

Works of art can vary according to the expectations and imagination and the most known are large Ornamental Stones, fountains, statues, or even exemplary Trees personalized and / or handpicked.


Interior Decor

Interior work is custom designed. Creating the symbiosis between architecture, space and vegetation.


Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are the new trend, in addition to occupying a reduced space, they aesthetically increase the environment, and there are also environmental and economic benefits.

Vertical gardens can be indoor or outdoor, where the most suitable plants are chosen and they can be aromatic, bio-filtering, agricultural or only of aesthetic impact.