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Clique para ampliarEcossistemas and its employees offer you wide experience. The start of our commercial activity was as sole proprietorship in the Portuguese market, essentially in southern Algarve and Alentejo, having also carried out in 1991 and 1998 some work in Spain, including Expo of Seville and Lisbon. In 2000 the company “Ecossistemasol, Construção Civil e Espaços Verdes LDA” was created. In 2002 the company “Empresa de Viveiros de Arvores centenárias e adultas Oliveiras de Portugal” ( and in 2007 “ Ecoviveiros; Produção, Impor, Exportação de Arvores e Plantas Ornamentais LDA.”

Ecossistemasol was born from the necessity for continuity of clients who moved from the former to the present company. While Ecossistemas has tried to remain a small structured company, it is unquestionable that the level of satisfaction of our clients contributed and obliged us to actively grow through the confidence they deposited in us. This gave us the responsibility and obliged us to evolve our methods and technical capacity in markets and market sectors which were extremely important in order to reach the level we have with pride and dedication The experience acquired by our team with pleasure and professionalism is dedicated to our potential, in this way encouraging reciprocity in the relationship between friends, clients, employees, work groups and suppliers. We have always believed that customer satisfaction is the best publicity, and trying to understand and satisfy our clients’ needs has become our prime objective.

The background of the founders and present partners: Luís Miguel M.R. de Piedade was born in 1966 in Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, son of Portuguese parents with an entrepreneurial profile and commercially adventurous in countries such as South Africa, Guinea and Brazil. He returned to Portugal with his two brothers where he demonstrated an aptitude for the area of agriculture and forestry, for family reasons. The family maintains business in textiles in the area of Cascais and Brazil.

At nineteen years of age, he attended night school and finished the propaedeutic level, but did not complete his academic instruction in his last year for not completing one course. Before starting his career, he was a course instructor at I.E.F.P. in the area of Gardening and Floriculture for three years in Sintra, and then professional courses in a company of the same line in greater Lisbon where he acquired much experience in places worthy of mention like the Cultural Centre of Belém, afterwards becoming responsible for the green spaces in an international company in international markets (Japan, Brazil) for 3 years in the construction of sports fields, which served as a basis for learning working methods different than those used in Europe.

Natália Pires was born in Parede, Cascais in Lisboa, daughter of Portuguese parents from the Ribatejo region in 1970. She studied Management and she worked in the technical services of one of the largest civil construction companies in Lisbon where she learned basic methods of management in the civil construction industry and landscaping.

The two met in 1986 in Cascais where they lived and worked in the same line of business in different companies. They decided to start their own business in Lagos, because they liked the area and for family reasons (great-grandparents were from the Algarve). They had several requests from clients for whom they had worked asking why they did not provide services in the south of the country, citing the lack of this type of business in the south.
They started work together in 1988 and developed their business in the area of maintenance and construction, began hiring employees and opened a yard which would subsequently become the present garden center.

In 1990 when they were obliged by clients to create conditions for a service company in the area of Conservation and Maintenance, they began this activity with half a dozen employees, always with the intention of keeping the company small. The satisfaction and high standards of their main clients from northern Europe necessitated sustainable growth to cover the need for services in sectors where there was a lack, such as irrigation, exterior illumination, automatic watering network maintenance and construction of stone walls, traditional cobblestones, drainage in tourist developments from Carvoeiro Golfe, Carvoeiro Clube, Quinta do Paraíso, Vilamoura Club House, Victoria Golfe (presently Oceânico), Bemposta, Quinta do Lago and Marinha, Vilamoura among others, as well as the growing number of private clients in national territory, from Quinta do Peru, Óbidos or from Lisboa to Valença on the coast and interior of Portugal.

The Public Works market was always an important part of their area, absorbing a part of their billing, and they executed work in such points of reference as the Theater of Faro, “Fábrica Do Inglês”, the Exhibition Park of Portimão, the Riverside of Portimão and Quarteira, Polis of Albufeira and Silves, Primary Schools, Communication Routes, hospitals, and administrative buildings, among others. With the real estate crisis of the 90s, hoping not to reduce the structure of the company, autonomous teams were created to correspond to the needs of this type of market and also because of the decrease in private investment in the country, Public Works began to have more relevance, obliging them to alter their permit to one of Industrial of Civil Construction with the respective subcategory of Landscaping, their past and present economic activity.

They have demonstrated an international aptitude and have been recognized with various international prizes. With their wide range of clients, harmonious relationships and total satisfaction proven by the portfolio of satisfied customers, their internationalization is guaranteed on several continents. They have executed work on a larger dimension than that carried out in their own country, relying both on their own means and on associations with other companies, demonstrating their capacity to create Green Spaces in any part of the world with trees from Portugal. 


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