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The Ecosystem was certified in February 2010 under the framework of the Integrated Management System for Quality in shed by EIC

The implementation of the Integrated Management System (IMS ), which also covers the Environment, Safety and Health at Work strands and Social Responsibility, had its beginning in September 2008 and demanded a high participation of company employees in the characterization, design and documentation the main processes. Throughout the project the various activities were being harmonized with the growing involvement of employees and a clear definition of responsibilities.

The new structure of cases, the appointment of its managers and the implementation of a common model for claims management, document control, registration of non-compliance, implementation of actions, management indicators, global management audits, management operational risk, among others, are now a reality in Ecosystems, enabling a performance oriented to quality and continuous improvement.

Being the SGI an innovative project in Portugal, by integrating all aspects of the certification, the implementation of the first phase in a year and a half was only possible with the collaboration of different areas of the company, supported by Own Hand Consulting, a leading management process. Once this step, the certification process continues in Environmental, Safety and Health at Work domains and Social Responsibility, with the Audit 2nd phase took place on 10th November.

As a result of the work now in progress, it is estimated that at the beginning of the first quarter of 2010 or 2009 to last Ecosystems are certified in an integral way in the areas of Quality, Environment, Safety, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility. The whole organization has been instrumental contributed to the success of this ambitious projects, to take Ecosystems reach another major milestone towards excellence. And once again gives Portugal a step towards Quality!


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