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Clique para ampliarEcossistemas emerged due to the needs of the market, creating services and products, always ready to meet the growing updates, becoming self-sufficient in the Construction and Green Space Projects sector. 

We have demonstrated an innovative capacity and adaptation to various types of land and locations or obstacles, counting among the principal companies for Landscaping Architecture Projects and Construction and Maintenance of Green Spaces in Europe and the world. Our main operating market is in the Algarve or southern Iberian Peninsula, Islands, Spain, Africa and South America. Our presence in the scientific camp has been demonstrated to be relevant in areas like Chemistry, Soil, Lawn, Arboriculture, Transplants, Plantations, Equipment and Management of Water Resources. 

Our spirit of adaptability is demonstrated by our vast portfolio, having implemented more than a thousand projects from conception/construction and technical capacity of execution or productive capacity with our own means and resources. Analyzing the volume of sales, the structural growth of the company can be seen against the means and investments made, resulting in praiseworthy and internationally high quality work with prizes attributed to the company and its clients

Civil Construction and Green Spaces function together as a whole, so that our Project is responsible from purchase of the site (land) in harmony with the type of garden wanted, with a detailed study of the locale (fauna, flora, soil and climate) before any human intervention, accompanied by the general architecture, construction, finalization and conservation or guarantee. The monitoring of the work after analysis is largely an investment which the contracting entity can recover as well as the supervision (ex. movement and usage of local land, vegetation) since the green area should be integrated into the local landscape and not be modified or altered by the areas under construction so that they do not stand out, but are adapted into the local environment, respecting it by using local vegetation and material in order to not create synergies of different forms of rational and sustainable life.   

The high standards of our clients have always been our main concern, and for this reason our activity has as its basis: conception, execution, maintenance and guarantee. We guarantee for the longest time possible in order to minimize future interventions or later repairs so that we can guarantee the demands of the private and public market, which without a doubt pass from one generation to the next, which has been the case with several of our clients. Inheriting a quality environment depends essentially on each one of us, to understand where the plant kingdom comes from, to understand that a green space must be a whole, an ECOSYSTEM. It must be built in a way as to attract other life forms (ex: fruit trees to attract birds, lakes to attract frogs, etc.), using local raw materials so as to not disturb or alter the local environment. In this way it will be functional as well as ornamental, a place where we can see and feel nature around us, a place which will serve to remind us that we share the environment with other living things and that we evolved from these life forms and that we all have the capacity to evolve together.


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