Projects of Landscape Architecture
Plan of Comprehensive (2D,3D) Planting System with identifying photos (Plantation and Irrigation )
Structural design of Watering or Irrigation Systems, Drainage;
Plans of Illumination and Urban Furniture, structures, paving, recreational equipment ;
Technical Details 
Tridimensional Representation of Projects for advertising and commercial use
Plans of Optimization, recovery and alterations of degraded areas, historic gardens ;
Supervision of Projects
Technical Advice

Exteriors and Interiors - Construction, supervision, recovery and conservation
Parks, golf courses, sports fields, gardens, flower beds, flowerpots, terraces, vases ;
Interior and exterior gardens;
Irrigation Systems, illumination, drainage, insulation and painting;
Lakes and Water Features (fountains, waterfalls and artificial and natural brooks)
Biological Stabilization of embankments, recovery of ecosystems;
Pedestrian Walkways, Gangways and Decks, resin, sidewalks grassed and organic.
Pergolas, Fences, Urban Furniture and children’s playgrounds;
Stone, wooden walls, gab ions, in flowerpots and modeling.
Restocking of indigenous species, cleaning of woodland, forests, lakes;
Hydro-seeding ,
Lawns, natural and synthetic;
Artificial fog to waterfalls, parks and theme or exhibition purposes.
Control of temperature and dust outside to streets, commercial galleries and balconies or terraces.

Terraces ,coverings;
Fences, gates in wood and aluminum
Natural and artificial swimming pools
Masonry, wood, steel and clay buildings
Agriculture and forestry services
Rental of heavy and light equipment
Movement of earth
Dune and Beach Stabilization
Monuments and Works of art (statues)
General cleaning in construction.
Interior Decoration
Exhibition Stands and events
Vertical Gardens
Rental of plants, trees.

Maintenance services by agreement or assistance
Green areas, parks, golf courses and sports fields
Lawns, lakes, fences, wood.
Cleaning and security
Swimming pools and entertainment parks
Pruning, cleaning and transplant of trees;
General Gardening Services;
Plant health Treatments;
Transplants of trees, plants and palm trees
Felling of trees and plants or palm trees

Garden Center
Plants, Herbaceous, shrubs, bushes, ground cover, succulents, trees, palm trees, cacti, vegetables, endemic, forest, fruit
Sale of garden furniture and accessories;
Rental of plants for events.
Solid, liquid, chemical and natural or organic fertilizers
Machines, tools and utensils for gardening

Other ground coverings
Sale of articles for gardening (flowerpots, irrigation materials, fertilizers, plant substrates, seeds, pine bark and ornamental pebbles)
Screens, nets, string, rope
Plant protection products
Flowers and flower arrangements
Equipment for watering and swimming pools

Systems of irrigation and supply
Temperature Control by spraying
Water features and fountains
Bore holes for water collection
Cisterns, deposits, reservoirs, tanks and small dams
Pumps and filtration
Treatment stations
Lakes and Water features (fountains, waterfalls and artificial and natural brooks)
Natural and artificial swimming pools
Water Analyses
Water treatment

Production and commerce, exportation and importation of plants, trees, palm trees herbaceous plants, shrubs, cacti, ground cover plants, endemic, and forest Transplant, recovery and commercialization and large scale centenarian trees;
Purchase of olive, citrus, almond and carob trees



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